Mission Statement

To be recognized as a leading Nigerian integrated logistics services company by the provision of tailor made professional services to all sectors. we do business within and across the country.

Vision Statement

To play globally in the creation of world class integrated logistics solution by offering value for money in all aspects of our operations thereby, maintaining a leading reputation as the company of choice.

Corporate Governance

West High has a standard corporate governance. The company structure is designed to regulate and manage her affairs.

Welcome to West High Logistics Resources Limited

West High Logistics Resources Ltd is a Nigerian indigenous limited liability company incorporated by a team of experienced marine professionals with the aim to provide quality marine services to the Nigerian Swamp and Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

Its activities are split into eight distinct business segments; supply base, marine logistics and operations and construction

  •  Marine/Rig Move Services
  •  Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) Supply
  •  Pumping Services
  •  Transportation/Haulage
  •  Environmental Services
  •  Warehouse And Storage
  •  Pipes and Tubing
  •  Electrical Logging/Calibration Services
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why you should choose us

West High Logistics Resources Ltd is a well structured and effectively managed organization with a strong customer focus.

Wide Range of Activities

Our business activities include Oil and Gas, Well Engineering and Technical Services, Marine Logistics Operations, Supply of Oil Tools and Equipment, Haulage and AGO Supply. .

Experienced In Quality Service

It is our culture to exceed our customers expectations in terms of satisfaction. The quality of our product and services are excellent class while we update our system along with technical advancements.


Our business activities are managed, coordinated and done by proven and competent personnel with many years of excellent experience in th oil and gas industry operations.

Prompt Response to Customer Needs:

Our inventory, supply base and logistics facilities are maintained at “Ready to GO” status in order to deliver goods and services to customers with respect to time and specifications. .

We Provide The Following Services

At West High Logistics Resources Ltd, our business concept and vision is powered by the availability of competent professionals, skilled and unskilled labour and modern tools, equipment, accessories and spareparts.